montepulciano d'abruzzo doc 2023

alcool % 13.0

Total acidity g/L: 5.3

ph 3.30

dry extract g/l 22.0

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo of Ancient clones selected in the vineyards located in the municipality of Loreto Aprutino in the province of Pescara.

  • The harvest takes place in the second and Third Decade of October when the grape reaches the full maturation assessed by measuring the phenolic maturity, the sugar grade, the total acidity and the PH. The grapes are manually harvested in accordance with their integrity and organoleptic characteristics.
  • Intense ruby red.
  • Typical bouquet of the area of origin with a wide, intense perfume, slightly spicy complex with hints of marasca and ripe red fruits.
  • Wine with a pleasant taste, soft and round, of good fullness, body and persistence.



    The vinification takes place according to the traditional technique which foresees the pruning and the contact of the skins with the must for about 7-8 days at a controlled temperature varying from the initial 18 ° C (prefermentative maceration) up to 26-28 ° C In the stages of primary alcoholic fermentation. During the period of contact of the must with the skins you perform periodic follature, delestage and traditional air replacements that allow the total reshuffling of the skins with the must to have a good extraction of the aromatic compounds and Polyphenolics of the skins. After the maceration phase, the must-wine is separated from the skins by soft pressing and placed in a steel tank where it completes the primary alcoholic fermentation. After a few days the wine is decked and enriched with lactic acid bacteria for the subsequent malolactic fermentation. The obtained wine is stored in steel tanks and refined on the fine lees for about 3 months with periodic pumping-overs to keep the lees in suspension. After this refinement phase, the wine is poured into steel tanks and kept at a temperature of 12 °c to conserve its quality organoleptic characteristics up to the time of bottling. The entry to consumption takes place after a further period of refinement in bottle of about 1 month.


    It is ideal to accompany hors d’oeuvres with spicy salami, pasta dishes, dishes made with red meats and medium-seasoned cheeses.


    Serve a T ° of approx. 18-20 ° C taking care to carefully ventilate the wine before consumption.


    Store in a cool place at 8-10 ° C holding the bottle lying down.